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Grade 2 Term 3

Term 3 has started with a BANG ... This term we are learning about the ocean, ways to protect it and its creatures in our Nemo's Playground  unit. We have already attended our major excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium where students saw, felt and learnt about different ocean animals. Here's just some of the amazing things we saw.

Student work Term 3

If I were a scuba diver...

ICT skills hard at work conducting a class survey.

What's your favourite ocean animal?

What's happening in Term 2

So far this term, students have been looking at narrative writing and different ways to start their stories to engage the reader. These examples were collaboratively written during a shared writing.


For our Inquiry topic this term we are learning about Australia, our history, the states and many more. Here are just a few things we've done so far. Stay tuned, there is more to come.


Labelling the states and some landmarks in Australia

A talk sharing World War II artefacts.

Amazing work by Grade 2 students in Term 1 2018

This term we have been working hard to retell characters, settings and events from the stories we have read. We've focused on sequencing them in order from the beginning, middle and end.

Look at our hard work!